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Telugu Association of Australia Inc (TAAI) was founded and incorporated in 1992 to represent the Telugu speaking people in Victoria. TAAI has been in existence for 20 years. During its 20 years of history, TAAI has distinguished itself through its various activities in pursuit of its mission in Victoria. As of now, TAAI has in excess of 140 life members and over 450 annual members.

Over the years, TAAI has conducted several Telugu cultural programs of immense interest to Telugu people of Victoria. The Telugu community has grown enormously over the years in Melbourne.

TAAI History


  • Survey of members and supporters was conducted.
  • Participation of in excess of 150 local artists on the stage in the Janaranjani function.
  • Recognition of high achievers in VCE.
  • Organized RASA RAGA SUDHA function to celebrate local artistic talent.
  • Organized two fund raising appeals for worthy causes.
  • Brand new website was developed and deployed.
  • Telugu school to be started in Dandenong precinct.


  • Felicitated Sri Dharmavarapu Subramanyam
  • TAAI honoured Mr. Babu Akula JP for promoting Telugu language & Culture.
  • TAAI honoured Dr. Hanumantha Reddy.
  • Awarded Victorian Parliamentary Friends of India Award to Gopal Tangirala, Srinivasa rao Yalaminchilli and Kameswararao Ayyalasomayajula for their services to TAAI and Telugu community over a long period of time.
  • Well known Kuchipudi dancer Smt Padmashri Shoba Naidu was invited to give performance.
  • Recognition to VCE high achievers.
  • Honoring Mallikeswara Rao Konchada and Prasad Pillutla for dedicated and selfless service to Telugu Community


  • Ugadi 2008 Celebration with Poet Sri Jonnavittula ramalingeswara rao and his felicitation.
  • Felicitation of sri Akkineni Naggarjuna and Smt Amala and Jajjanaka.
  • Janaranjani and Felicitation of Sri Gollapudi Maruthi rao and Dr Gummadi Venkateswara rao(Absent due to ill health)
  • Felicitation of Dr Gummadi in person in Hyderabad.
  • Ugadi 2009 with Mimicry by Sri Siva reddy and his felicitation


  • Conducted very successful Janaranjani, Jajjanika and annual picnic
  • Raised funds for the family of Deceased student.


  • Veteran Comedian and a film star Mr. AVS, TV artist, comedian & journalist Mr. Sanakranarayana and Miss Rajitha a comedy actress. More than 350 audiences attended the function.
  • Youth cultural show of the year had 50 enthusiastic participants and more than 400 audience.
  • Annual Winter Cultural event, held at Alexander Theater Monash University had more than 100 participants and an estimated 500 audience
  • TAAI Summer picnic held in Caulfield Park, with children and adult games and the annual AGM.


  • Felicitation of Dr Akkineni and local musical programme
  • Felicitation of Dr Vempati chinna satyam
  • "Ardha Nareeswara" Kuchipudi dance drama 30 artists from India.
  • Janaranjani - All Local artists
  • Fund raising welfare for deceased student and Sunami relief.


  • It is the youngest TAAI committee that administered TAAI with an average age of 24 years.
  • The domain 'www.taai.org.au' was acquired with that the official TAAI website was launched this year.
  • Email addresses of all the members was collected. The first year where the distribution of 'Sravanti' and committee communication was done via email.
  • Concert with SP Sailaja and Parthasarathy was held at Alexdra Theatre in Monash University Clayton.
  • TAAI particiapated in Ramayan play at the Diwali celebrations in Sandown Park.


  • Conducted Jajjanika function
  • Conducted Janaranjani function
  • Conducted New Year Eve function
  • Annual Picnic was held


  • Padma Bhushan Sri C. Narayana Reddy and Dr. Ghazal Srinivas were overseas guests at Janaranjani function
  • Burra Katha program
  • Souvenir was produced for Janaranjani
  • Annual Summer Picnic held at Jells Park with about 350 proplr attending.


  • Introduction of e-communication to community.
  • Fundraising for Gujurat Earthquake 'Radiothon' appeal.
  • Assistance to overseas Telugu students.
  • Introduction of formal cricket match between adults and youth.

First 10 years of TAAI


  • Launching of Telugu youth program 'Jajjanaka' - birth of new Generation.
  • Recognition to VCE high achievers.


  • Felicitation to Dr. Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna.
  • 'Ashtavadhanam' performance by overseas artist Avadhana Saraswati Dr. Madugula Naga Phani Sarma,
    assisted by Dr. Bapu Reddy.


  • Kuchipudi dance performance by Michelle Visalakshi.
  • Organization of professional seminars on:
    -- Professional improvement.
    -- Health issues for women.
  • Introduction of Telugu games 'Kabbadi' and 'Kho-kho' during the summer function.
  • Improving TAAI profile by inviting Victorian Minister for Education and Multicultural Affairs, Mr. Phil Honeywood to..
  • Performance by 'Blind dance artists from India'.
  • Felicitation to Michelle Visalakshi, Ramu Manchikanti and Bharati Susarla for their services to the community.


  • Annual "winter function" with variety of children/youth and adults programs at Nunawading Arts Centre in Nunawading.
  • TAAI felicitated Dr. (Mrs) Rama Rao for the services she rendered to Telugu Community.
  • TAAI also felicitated the renowned Carnatic music singers "Hyderabad Brothers" Sri Seshachary and Sri Raghavachary.
  • The annual picnic was held at Norton's park in Glen Waverley.


  • Launching of new name 'Sravanti' for the TAAI's newsletter and publication in Telugu.
  • Grants from Victorian Government.


  • Introduction of Takeaway dinner boxes during winter function.
  • First Classical Group Dance by Smt Gowri Nagarajan.
  • Winter Function was organised first time in Kews High School.
  • First time a mythological drama rehersals by Children were conducted in Western suburbs, coordinated by Mr Krishna Vemula.
  • First time programme was conducted by a MC.
  • Classical Music by Overseas Artist Mrs Vinjamoori Lakshmi.


  • First TAAI AGM at summer function.
  • Launching TAAI Logo (specially designed for us by famous Telugu artist 'Bapu').
  • Become member of FIAV
  • Co-ordination with Sydney to form Telugu association.
  • First classical music program by overseas Telugu artist, 'Eelapata' Siva Prasad.


  • Steering committee formation.
  • TAAI Registration and Constitution drafting.
  • First TAAI Winter cultural function at Princes Hall High School, Carlton, attended by around 50-60 families.


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